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The story of Silver Canyon Pottery

Silver Canyon Pottery was founded by artist Robin Cassidy in 1988 on Catalina Island, a Pacific jewel located 21 miles off the coast of Southern California.

Raised on the Island, Robin's childhood was more often spent hiking the hills and swimming the seas than paying attention to the historic tile from the '20s which covered the walls of the small Island town of Avalon. What began as a pet project to reproduce the weather-worn tiles of the town turned into a whole new direction creating historic as well as original designs. Tiles produced by Silver Canyon Pottery now cover much of the Island town and decorate many private homes both locally and throughout the Southern California area.

As a 5th generation Californian, Robin considers her work a true reflection of her roots in the region. “I love the combination of what has come before me mixed with the freedom from too much tradition all tempered with an unfailing devotion to great craftsmanship. It all makes for great fun in design."

Robin currently lives on Catalina Island, still hiking the hills and swimming the seas.

Silver Canyon Pottery

Address:   22 Pebbly Beach Road

Avalon CA 90704


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